Herencia pays tribute to Cheese on its International Day with a visit to “Quhesalia”

The International Cheese Day was celebrated in Herencia in a very special way, thanks to an initiative that fused culture, tradition, and flavor. A large group of users from the Senior Center had the pleasure of visiting the Cheese Interpretation Center of Herencia “Quhesalia,” a space dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the century-old cheese-making tradition of the municipality.

The activity, beyond being a mere excursion, became an opportunity for the elderly to rediscover and learn about the rich cheese-making history of Herencia in a different way. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to taste an exquisite lunch that showcased the quality and variety of the cheeses produced in the town.

Councilors Conchi Rodríguez-Palancas and Serafín Tajuelo did not want to miss the opportunity to accompany this group on such a significant day. The visit was guided by Claro Manuel Fernández-Caballero, who shared his extensive knowledge about the cheese-making process, from livestock practices to the secrets of the dairy.

This event not only served to celebrate the International Cheese Day but also to appreciate the effort and work of numerous families of shepherds, farmers, and cheese makers in Herencia. It was a day to proudly showcase the cheese heritage of the municipality, which has managed to maintain and evolve over the years, becoming one of the most prominent ambassadors of local gastronomy.

The initiative reaffirmed Herencia’s commitment to promoting its traditions and agri-food products, thus promoting tourism and knowledge of its rich culture. The visit to “Quhesalia” demonstrated that cheese is more than just food; it is a legacy, an art, and a reason for unity and celebration for the Herencia community.

Spanish post in Herencia rinde homenaje al Queso en su Día Internacional con una visita a «Quhesalia»

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