Herencia pulses with sports passion: Success of the II Handball Training Program and the I Youth Football Clinic.

In Herencia, sports activities do not stop, not even during Easter vacation. This year, enthusiasm and dedication to sports were evident with the celebration of the II Quijote’s Handball Technification and the I Base Soccer Perfection Clinic, two events that have turned the town into a meeting point for young athletes eager to improve their skills.

Organized by the Municipal Sports Service (SMD), CBM Quijote Herencia, and Herencia CF, these events not only provided participants with the opportunity to continue their sports practice during the school break but also promoted camaraderie, personal growth, and love for sports.

The Councilor for Sports of the Town Hall, Serafín Tajuelo, had the opportunity to visit both activities, held at the iconic J. María Fdez. de la Puebla and the Municipal Sports Center. His presence emphasized the Town Hall’s unconditional support for initiatives that promote health, sports, and well-being among the young members of the community.

Participation in the II Quijote’s Handball Technification and the I Base Soccer Perfection Clinic was remarkable, with a wide registration of young athletes willing to learn and improve in their respective disciplines. This interest reflects the passion that the residents of Herencia have for sports and the families’ commitment to their children’s sports training.

The Town Hall and the Municipal Sports Service expressed their sincere gratitude to all the participants and their families for trusting these events. They also extended this gratitude to the instructors for their dedication and professionalism, ensuring that each day was not only educational but also immensely fun and enriching for the participants.

These sports technification and improvement days demonstrate Herencia’s dynamic and committed spirit towards sports, establishing our town as a reference in the promotion of physical activities and the training of future sports talents.

Photos: SMD
An article published on the online newspaper: Herencia (Ciudad Real). Daily news in the heart of La Mancha.

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