Herencia receives an economic boost for the construction of a car wash and the remodeling of a beauty center.

Herencia has received significant financial support for two key business projects, thanks to the contribution of Mancha Norte: Desarrollo e Innovación. The local action group has provided 90,000 euros for the construction of a modern laundry facility and for the remodeling of a beauty salon and hairdressing center.

The formalization of the contracts, totaling 93,324.42 euros, took place this morning. Important figures such as Alberto Lara, president of Mancha Norte, Mayor Sergio García Navas, councilor Aitor Gallego de la Sacristana, and representatives of the beneficiary companies, Maria Pilar García-Peñuela of Iniesta Estilistas and Fede Abengoza of Grupo Logístico Abengoza, were present.

These contracts will allow the companies to make notable progress in their projects, contributing to the economic growth and job creation in Herencia and the surrounding areas. The initiative reflects the commitment of Mancha Norte, which includes several municipalities in the region, including Tomelloso, Alcázar de San Juan, Campo de Criptana, Pedro Muñoz, Arenales de San Gregorio, and Socuéllamos, to work together in rural development and to address the challenges and opportunities it presents.

The investment in these projects highlights the importance of promoting local economic development and supporting business initiatives that can have a significant impact on the community. With these advances, Herencia is positioning itself as an example of how collaboration and financial support can drive progress and innovation in rural areas.

Spanish post in Herencia recibe impulso económico para la construcción de un lavadero y la remodelación de un centro de estética

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