Herenciana gymnast Anna Yeghiazaryan ranks 23rd in the Individual Base Cup of Spain.

Anna Yeghiazaryan, a promising gymnast from the Municipal Sports Schools of Herencia, has played a remarkable role this weekend at the prestigious Copa Base Individual de España, an event that took place in the city of Huesca and brought together the most outstanding figures of rhythmic gymnastics in the national scene.

In an exciting competition that brought together the best performers of each category, Yeghiazaryan achieved a commendable classification, reaching the 23rd position. This achievement not only demonstrates her skill and ability in the discipline, but also brings the name of Herencia and its sports schools to the forefront, which support and promote local talent in sports.

Yeghiazaryan’s participation in the Copa Base Individual is the result of hard work and constant training, which has been recognized and applauded by both her coaches and the local fans who follow her career. Her performance in Huesca has been a clear example of how effort and dedication can lead athletes to compete and excel in major events.

The performance of the young gymnast in this competition is a source of pride for Herencia and its sports institutions, and it is expected that this will be just one of the many successes that Anna Yeghiazaryan will achieve in her sports career. With an eye on future competitions, the gymnast and her followers are optimistic about what the future holds for her in the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

Spanish post in La gimnasta herenciana Anna Yeghiazaryan se posiciona en el puesto 23 en la Copa Base Individual de España

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