Huge success of the children’s bull event at the Ferias y Fiestas de Herencia.

As part of the celebrations of the Herencia Fair and Festivals, the morning was filled with joy and fun with the Children’s Bueyada, an event specially designed for the youngest residents of the municipality.

The laughter and excitement of the children echoed throughout the place as they immersed themselves in the tradition and bullfighting culture, hand in hand with their parents. One of the main attractions was the salon bullfighting demonstration, masterfully directed by Javier Baillo, which captivated both young and old with his skill and passion.

However, the most anticipated moment was the procession of the oxen. These majestic animals, guided with precision, departed from the park and ended their journey in the emblematic bullring, under the attentive and excited gaze of the attendees.

The Children’s Bueyada not only achieved great participation success but also strengthened the bond between local traditions and the new generations, ensuring that the festive spirit of Herencia endures over time.

Spanish post in Éxito rotundo de la bueyada infantil en las Ferias y Fiestas de Herencia

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