New sports zone for youth enjoyment

Inheritance has taken a step forward in promoting sports and youth with the opening of its new Skatepark, a modern space designed for sports on wheels such as skateboarding, roller skating, and BMX. Mayor Sergio García-Navas, along with municipal technician Cristina Madero and Sports Coordinator Ángel García-Morato, toured the facilities, a project long-awaited by the young community of the municipality.

A Modern Space According to Youth Preferences

The Skatepark, located near the paddle tennis courts in Sena Park, has been designed taking into account the preferences and needs of local athletes. It consists of 6 fundamental elements for the practice of these sports, including 2 launchers, 1 fun box, 1 lane, and a straight wall, ensuring a complete and varied experience.

Participatory Budgets: The Voice of Youth

The construction of this new sports space has been made possible through citizen participation, being one of the most voted proposals in the participatory budgets of the locality. This system has allowed young people themselves to claim and design their work, ensuring that the final result reflects their interests and demands.

Boosting Alternative Sports

Mayor García-Navas has emphasized the importance of addressing the requests of the younger generation and promoting diverse sports: “We are facing an action that responds to the demands of the younger population of the locality, who requested a space of these characteristics, thus promoting minority or lesser-known sports.”

Commitment to Youth and Sports

The opening of the Herencia Skatepark symbolizes the commitment of the City Council to promoting sports among young people and creating safe and suitable environments for the development of their skills and passions. In addition, this new space becomes a meeting point for youth, fostering socialization, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.


The inauguration of the Skatepark in Herencia marks a step forward in diversifying the local sports offer. This space, awaited by many, stands as a new option for leisure and entertainment, reaffirming the interest in incorporating and developing spaces that meet the needs and tastes of all sectors of the population, especially the younger generation.

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