Novillada without picadores marks the debut of Javier Fernández from Herencia at the Feria y Fiestas 2023.

The bullfighting spirit was strongly felt in the Bullring on Saturday, September 23. As part of the 2023 Fair and Festivities celebrations, the traditional non-picador bullfighting featured a young man from Herencia, Javier Fernández, who made his much-anticipated debut in the arena.

Alongside Fernández, two other names stood out in the afternoon: Raúl Puebla and Israel Aparicio. Puebla, with his already established career in the world of bullfighting, once again showed why he is considered one of the firm promises of the sport. On the other hand, Israel Aparicio surprised with his pure and personal concept of bullfighting art, exhibiting a passion and dedication that captivated the present fans.

However, one of the most anticipated moments of the afternoon was undoubtedly the performance of local novice bullfighter Javier Fernández. His desire for triumph and dedication in the arena were palpable from the moment he appeared. The audience, aware of his Herencia origins, spared no ovations and applause, turning his debut into a memorable event.

All in all, the afternoon was filled with emotions and bullfighting art at its finest. The combination of Raúl Puebla’s experience, Israel Aparicio’s uniqueness, and Javier Fernández’s fresh enthusiasm created a spectacle worthy of the best bullfighting fairs. The Herencia Bullring thus experienced an episode that will undoubtedly be engraved in the memory of those who had the pleasure of witnessing it.

Non-picador bullfight marks the debut of Herencia's Javier Fernández in the 2023 Fair and Festivities 1
Non-picador bullfight marks the debut of Herencia’s Javier Fernández in the 2023 Fair and Festivities 1

Spanish post in Novillada sin picadores marca el debut del herenciano Javier Fernández en la Feria y Fiestas 2023

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