Sergio García-Navas, Mayor of Herencia, talks about the Fair and Festival on OndaCero Radio.

The Heritage Fair and Festival are already on the horizon, as announced by OndaCero Radio in their news updates. In a recent interview, the mayor of Heritage, Sergio García-Navas, shared with listeners the preparations and expectations for this highly anticipated celebration.

Despite coinciding with the harvest campaign and the start of the school year, the Heritage Fair and Festival have established themselves as a traditional event in the region. García-Navas highlighted the excitement surrounding the opening, scheduled for Wednesday, and extending until the main day, Sunday the 24th. “We always look up at the sky, hoping for good weather for the five days of the fair,” the mayor commented.

One of the most emotional moments of the interview was when the topic of the proclamation to the Virgin of Mercedes was mentioned, held at the Real Convent of La Merced. García-Navas had the honor of participating and shared anecdotes and curiosities about the fair. Among them, he mentioned that there was a time when the fair was celebrated in August, but after a referendum in which the majority chose to keep it in September, it was decided to return to the traditional dates. This decision reflects the deep sentiment and attachment that the inhabitants have towards this celebration.

It is not just a fair of fun and culture, but also an opportunity to highlight and promote the gastronomic, sports, and cultural richness of Heritage. Associations, clubs, and various organizations work together with the city council to offer a wide range of activities.

One of the main attractions is the day dedicated to the agri-food sector, where the harvest festival is celebrated. Visitors can enjoy the traditional grape stomping, regional dances, and tasting of typical dishes. Music and folklore also have a prominent place, with the participation of groups from Alicante and Zamora.

In addition, the fair has become a window to promote tourism in the locality. Tourist facilities, such as Salía, will be open for those who wish to learn more about the region.

The mayor also emphasized the festive and community spirit of Heritage. He highlighted the participation of youth and the good atmosphere that is experienced in the youth tent installed in the fairground, which has been expanded this year due to the high number of visitors in previous editions.

To conclude the interview, García-Navas extended a warm invitation to all OndaCero listeners: “We are waiting for you in Heritage to join our celebration and enjoy the hospitality of a joyful and open town.”

The Heritage Fair and Festival promise to be, once again, a memorable celebration that combines tradition, culture, and community.

You can listen to the interview on OndaCero Radio.

Spanish post in Sergio García-Navas, Alcalde de Herencia, habla sobre la Feria y Fiesta en OndaCero Radio

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