The House of the Friars in Herencia begins its transformation into a guesthouse. - Herencia (Ciudad Real) Spain

The House of the Friars in Herencia begins its transformation into a guesthouse.

Today, the town of Herencia has witnessed the beginning of the consolidation and rehabilitation works of the historic Casa de los Frailes, an emblematic building from the 17th century. This project, with an investment of 750,000 euros, will transform the old convent into a tourist accommodation that will be part of the Network of Hostels of Castilla-La Mancha.

The aim of this initiative is to preserve the historical and religious heritage of Herencia, allowing visitors to enjoy a building of great beauty and cultural value. The Casa de los Frailes, beloved by the locals, will retain most of its original elements. Additionally, the Mercedarian Congregation of the Friars will remain linked to the local history, as they will be housed in a dwelling adjacent to the building.

During the symbolic event that marked the beginning of the works, Mayor Sergio García-Navas highlighted the importance of this first phase of the project. “Interventions will be carried out on the facade, roof, and structural elements of the oldest manor house in the municipality for its preservation over the years, before beginning its transformation into a hostel and tourist accommodation,” explained the mayor.

The event was attended by Mayor Sergio García-Navas, Father Comendador Pepe Avilés, the responsible parties of the architect firm TrazA2, the contractor of the work José Antonio Rebato Ruiz, Jesús Ramírez of the V.O.T of the Merced, and the municipal workers involved in the project. During the event, a time capsule containing commemorative objects from the year 2024 was buried, so that future generations can discover aspects of that time.

Items included in the capsule are:

– A document certifying the appointment of the Virgin of the Mercedes as Honorary Mayoress of the town, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary (1999-2024).
– Accreditation, scapular, and medal of the 300th anniversary of the Venerable Third Order of the Virgin (1724-2024).
– A commemorative keychain from the 40th anniversary of the Popular University.
– A scarf from Herencia C.F., which has been promoted to Preferente this season.
– The score of “Canto a Herencia,” a pasodoble composed by Manuel Salinero Rueda, director of the Santa Cecilia Musical Group during the 1950s, which will be re-released this year coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Group.
– An emblem of the commemorative events of the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the image of Mary Most Holy of Solitude to the town.

The transformation of the Casa de los Frailes into a hostel not only represents a significant advance for the tourist infrastructure of Herencia but also a commitment to the conservation and promotion of local heritage. This project is expected to boost tourism and the local economy, keeping the history and culture of the region alive for future generations. This article was published in the online newspaper: Herencia (Ciudad Real). Diario de información en el corazón de la mancha.

Spanish post in La Casa de los Frailes de Herencia inicia su transformación en hospedería

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