The Music School of Herencia registers a record enrollment at the start of the academic year.

A few weeks ago, the Herencia Music School began its new academic year, an event attended by prominent personalities such as Mayor Sergio García Navas and councilor Aitor Gallego de la Sacristana. Both, accompanied by the school’s director, Víctor Gallego de la Sacristana, had the opportunity to firsthand learn about the figures that highlight the start of this course.

One of the most remarkable data is the record number of instruments being taught, capturing an impressive 84% of the total enrollment in the activity. This figure not only surpasses the numbers of the previous year but also ensures the future and generational succession within the prestigious Santa Cecilia Musical Group.

The strategy implemented by the school’s administration, which consists of loaning instruments to the youngest students, is bearing fruit. This approach has significantly incentivized the increase in the number of instrumentalists in the school.

An innovation that has caused great anticipation is the opening of four enrollments in the specialty of violin, a milestone never before reached by the institution. But it’s not only the young ones who are showing interest in music; there has been an increase in the number of enrollments among adults, with a total of 18 students. This reflects the school’s commitment to making musical culture accessible to all ages.

With these auspicious beginnings, the new course promises not only to continue the musical tradition of Herencia but also to establish Herencia’s musical culture as a reference in the region.

Spanish post in La Escuela de Música de Herencia registra un inicio de curso con récord de matriculaciones

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