Two armored ambulances depart from Herencia to the war in Ukraine to save lives. - Herencia (Ciudad Real) Spain

Two armored ambulances depart from Herencia to the war in Ukraine to save lives.

Two armored ambulances have departed this Wednesday from Herencia, in Ciudad Real, towards the war front in Ukraine. These vehicles, essential for saving the lives of injured Ukrainian soldiers, have been sent thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish companies OHLA and WhiteBit.

The ambulances, equipped with ballistic and anti-mine protection, are designed to evacuate the wounded from the most dangerous areas, providing a safe route to hospitals where they will receive medical attention. Serhii Pohoreltsev, Ukraine’s ambassador in Spain, highlighted the importance of these vehicles during the delivery ceremony held at the industrial estate in Herencia. “They are going to save lives,” Pohoreltsev stated, who was accompanied by the president of TSD, Antonio Ramírez González-Ortega, and representatives of OHLA and WhiteBit.

These vehicles are the seventh and eighth armored ones that Ukraine has received, and according to the ambassador, they are crucial due to the constant attacks from the Russian army. Pohoreltsev emphasized the ongoing need for this type of equipment, not only at the front but also in residential areas where attacks affect the civilian population and health infrastructures. According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 1,680 health facilities have been attacked since the conflict began.

The ambassador explained that normal ambulances have a very short lifespan in these conditions since rescue teams are frequently attacked during their operations, damaging the vehicles and putting rescuers’ lives at risk. He thanked the Spanish private sector for their collaboration, highlighting the effort of OHLA and WhiteBit to finance and provide these vital vehicles.

Beatriz Rubio, corporate sustainability director of the OHLA group, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to this initiative, highlighting its importance for the Ukrainian people and framing it within the company’s social action policies. Natalia Galdyeyeva, from WhiteBit, stated that her company has provided financial, technical, and social support to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion in 2022, contributing a total of 420 million euros.

Antonio Ramírez, president of TSD, expressed gratitude for the sensitivity of OHLA and WhiteBit in delivering these ambulances to the Ukrainian embassy, emphasizing the importance of business collaboration in responding to the humanitarian crisis.

Ambassador Pohoreltsev emphasized the need to consolidate international efforts to end the war, recalling the recent Peace Summit in Switzerland, where 100 delegations from allied countries participated in supporting Ukraine. He expressed gratitude towards the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, for his participation in the summit and reaffirmed Ukraine’s desire for peace, which involves the recovery of all its occupied territories.

Initiatives like this highlight the solidarity and commitment of Spanish companies in support of Ukraine, providing crucial resources to save lives and contribute to peace in the country.

Spanish post in Dos ambulancias blindadas parten de Herencia a la guerra de Ucrania para salvar vidas

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