Visit of the Equality Counselor to Herencia to promote the Corresponsables Plan. - Herencia (Ciudad Real) Spain

Visit of the Equality Counselor to Herencia to promote the Corresponsables Plan.

This morning, the Minister of Equality of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Sara Simón, along with the Provincial Delegate of Equality, Manuela Nieto-Márquez, visited Herencia accompanied by the mayor Sergio García-Navas and several council members from the governing team. The visit focused on the Youth Center of the town, where the Corresponsables Plan is being implemented.

Support for Families and Reduction of Female Unemployment

The Plan Corresponsables has benefited 122 children and 80 families in Herencia, facilitating the reconciliation of work and family life. This program has proven to be crucial for the town, reflected in the reduction of unemployment: out of the 69 people who recently found employment, 66 were women. “This demonstrates the necessity and effectiveness of these policies in municipalities like ours,” noted Mayor Sergio García-Navas.

Meeting with Workers from the Women’s Center

During the visit, the Minister of Equality met with the workers from the Women’s Center to discuss the latest initiatives and address issues related to equality and gender-based violence. Sara Simón emphasized the importance of coordinated work between the center and the city council, and described Herencia as “a clear example of commitment to equality.”

Call for Participation in the IV Corresponsables Plan

Simón encouraged all municipalities to join the IV Corresponsables Plan, which aims to improve services and advance in terms of shared responsibility, contributing to reducing inequalities such as the gender pay gap. To date, more than 200 municipalities have expressed their intention to participate in the plan, which will receive an investment of 13.7 million euros from the regional government.

Investment in the Province of Ciudad Real

The Minister highlighted the investment in the province of Ciudad Real, exceeding 9.2 million euros, which has allowed the hiring of over 1,500 individuals, 80% of whom are women, throughout the three previous editions of the plan. For the fourth edition, over 2.2 million euros will be allocated to the province, with the goal of continuing to support families and promote gender equality.

Boost to the ‘Summer Conciliator’ Program

Simón also visited the activities of the ‘Summer Conciliator’ program at the Youth Center, benefiting over 80 families in Herencia. This program is part of the initiatives of the Corresponsables Plan to support families during the summer, providing a safe and educational environment for children while their parents work.

A Model of Equality

Lastly, the Minister praised Herencia for its commitment to equality and its efforts in implementing policies that promote gender equity. “The joint and coordinated work with the Women’s Center and the implementation of measures like the Corresponsables Plan are a clear reflection of the municipality’s commitment to equality,” concluded Sara Simón.

This visit underscores the commitment of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to promoting gender equality and supporting families, reaffirming the importance of programs like the Corresponsables Plan to achieve a more just and inclusive society.

Spanish post in Visita de la Consejera de Igualdad a Herencia para impulsar el Plan Corresponsables

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