Youth Week in Herencia: Collective Exhibition of Young Artists and Creative Workshops. - Herencia (Ciudad Real) Spain

Youth Week in Herencia: Collective Exhibition of Young Artists and Creative Workshops.

In celebration of Youth Week, the Youth Department of the Herencia City Council invites the community to the opening of the Collective Exhibition of Young Artists from Herencia and the surrounding region. This event will take place on Monday, July 8th at 9:00 PM at the Exhibition Hall, and will also feature a special performance by the group Antotipia.

The exhibition will provide a platform for local young artists to showcase their talent and creativity. Additionally, during Youth Week, two live workshops have been organized on Friday, July 12th, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM at the same exhibition hall.

The first workshop, a Mural Art Workshop on boards, will be led by artists Marian Tronco and Fran García Hidalgo from Estudio Aerosol, who are also participating in the exhibition. The second workshop, focusing on mask decoration, will be conducted by the craftsmen of Mono sin pelo. These activities are designed to promote creativity and practical learning among participants.

In addition to the live workshops, there will be a musical performance by the young Herencia artist María Iniesta Fdez. Amaro, who will delight attendees with her flute interpretation.

The exhibition and activities have been prepared with care and dedication, aimed at showcasing and celebrating the potential of young artists in the region. The Herencia City Council encourages the community to participate and support these talented young individuals who have put their passion into this exhibition.

A large turnout is expected from the public to share these spaces of creation and creativity, and to support the enthusiasm and efforts of the young artists from Herencia. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy local art and culture!

The Youth Week program includes:
– July 8th (Monday):
– 9:00 PM: Opening of the Collective Exhibition with a performance by the Antotipia group. Refreshments for attendees.
– Location: Exhibition Hall.

– July 12th (Friday):
– 8:00 to 10:00 PM: Creative Workshops (with prior registration):
– Mural Art Workshop on boards led by Marian Tronco and Fran García Hidalgo from Estudio Aerosol.
– Mask decoration workshop led by Mono sin pelo.
– Musical performance by María Iniesta Fdez. Amaro (Flute).
– Location: Exhibition Hall.

The community is invited to join these events to enjoy and support the young artists of Herencia, who promise to offer a unique and enriching cultural experience with their dedication and passion for art.

An article published on the online newspaper: Herencia (Ciudad Real). Diario de información en el corazón de la mancha.

Spanish post in Semana de la Juventud en Herencia: Exposición Colectiva de Jóvenes Artistas y Talleres Creativos

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