Herencia celebrates the inauguration of Carnival 2024 with an explosion of tradition and color.

Friday, February 9 marked the official start of the 2024 Carnival of Herencia after ushering in the new Herencia year with the Saturday of the Anxious, an event that has managed to attract crowds of both locals and visitors, inaugurating its festivities at the emblematic Carnival Palace. This year, the event not only promised, but also delivered an unforgettable spectacle full of joy and color, reaffirming its status as a National Tourist Interest party and epicenter of regional culture.

Television presenter, Luján Argüelles, was responsible for giving the initial proclamation, further elevating the atmosphere of anticipation and excitement among the attendees. Her charisma and words managed to capture the essence of this Carnival, igniting the spark of festivity among the audience who could also watch the inauguration through the Internet.

Night of awards and recognitions

The start of the festivities was accompanied by the presentation of the “Perlés de Honor,” distinctions that honor individuals and groups who have left a significant mark in various areas, both at the community and national levels. Among the awardees, the Women’s National Soccer Team stood out, receiving the Institutional Perlé, recognizing their positive influence and achievements in the sports field.

The night ended with “The Carnival all Lo-Cura” by the Herencia troupe Los Pelendengues.

A firm commitment to culture and tradition

In the days leading up to the inauguration, the Herencia community shared their excitement and anticipation. Mayor García-Navas emphasized the unique character of the Carnival and its relevance to the municipality. The request for the Carnival to be declared a Cultural Heritage of Interest (BIC) underscores the collective effort to safeguard and promote this invaluable cultural heritage. “The support of the Junta and the Diputación in this mission is fundamental,” emphasized García-Navas.

Blanca Fernández, representative of the Junta, assured the continuous support of the regional government for the Carnival, emphasizing its importance both culturally and economically for the community. The commitment to process the Carnival of Herencia as a BIC is a step forward in preserving this tradition for future generations.

Perlés de Honor 2024

The Gala was a clear reflection of the richness and diversity of the Herencia community. Recognitions such as the Perlé in Socio-Cultural, Socio-Laboral, and Humanitarian-Associative areas, in addition to the “Jesús Carnavales” award, were given to outstanding figures and associations that make the vibrant social fabric of Herencia possible.

These were the Perlés de Honor 2024:

  • Socio-Laboral Area: Churrería Pérez
  • Socio-cultural Area: Gabriel Molina-Prados Cultural Association
  • Associative Area: Friends of the Big Plate
  • Perlé Jesús Carnavales: AMPA Padre Zegrí
  • Institutional Honor Perlé: Women’s National Soccer Team

The Carnival Palace, center of the Herencia festivities

As the nights progress, the Carnival Palace becomes the stage for a vast program that includes renowned orchestras and highly acclaimed shows like Universi-party. This is the heart of a Carnival that goes beyond celebration; it is a living tribute to the rich culture, tradition, and commitment of the Herencia community. Where every day the Carnival parades end.

With the display of its magic, the 2024 Carnival of Herencia invites everyone to participate and enjoy a unique experience that transcends the festive to become an essential meeting point for those who appreciate the beauty of tradition and the sense of community. Herencia lights up once again with hope and joy, proving to be the place where the magic of Carnival comes to life year after year.

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