Herencia lights up its windmills in green to commemorate World Cancer Day.

In a gesture of solidarity and hope, Herencia joins in the commemoration of World Cancer Day this Sunday, February 4th, by illuminating the town’s windmills in green. This initiative symbolizes support for those affected by this disease, their families, and the backing of scientific research, essential to advance towards a cure and promote early detection of cancer.

Early detection is crucial in the fight against cancer, as it allows the tumor to be identified in its early stages, when treatment can be most effective and the chances of recovery are significantly higher. Therefore, the City Council emphasizes the importance of research and awareness as fundamental pillars to confront this disease.

The lighting ceremony of the windmills was attended by representatives of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Herencia, who, together with the councilor for social welfare, Conchi Rodríguez-Palancas, were in charge of placing the green lights. This color, a symbol of life and renewal, conveys a message of support and encouragement not only at the local level, but also to the global community, reminding us of the importance of uniting forces in the fight against cancer.

On this World Cancer Day, Herencia joins the voices of the whole world advocating for prevention, treatment, and support for those facing this difficult battle. The lighting of the windmills in green is a reminder that, through solidarity and collective commitment, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many people.

The local City Council reaffirms its commitment to the health and well-being of its citizens, promoting initiatives that contribute to greater awareness about cancer and fostering access to information and resources that can facilitate timely detection and treatment of the disease.

On this significant day, we extend our support and hope to all those affected by cancer and their families. Together, we can move towards a future where cancer is a disease of the past.

Spanish post in Herencia ilumina sus molinos de verde en conmemoración del Día Mundial del Cáncer

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