Heritage delivers diplomas to students trained in digital skills for the workplace

In an increasingly digitalized world, the City Council of Herencia has taken a step forward to prepare its citizens for the current job market. This morning, Mayor Sergio García-Navas and the councilor for employment and education, Lola Fernández, accompanied by Pedro Martín, the course instructor, presented diplomas to a group of 14 students who have completed specialized training in digital tools and skills for the workplace.

The course, which has covered over 32 hours of intensive learning, has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Impulsa y Crece Association and has focused on providing practical knowledge about the use of digital tools and essential devices in today’s work environment. The program’s content has been designed to be accessible and applicable, ensuring that participants can effectively integrate these skills into their job search or career advancement.

Free for the unemployed, this course has been financially supported by the Herencia City Council and the Next Generation Funds, reflecting the local administration’s commitment to continuously improve the employability of its residents.

Mayor García-Navas has emphasized the importance of adapting to the new demands of the job market and has congratulated the participants for their dedication and effort. Councilor Fernández has emphasized the value of continuous training and the need to close the digital divide to promote full and effective labor inclusion.

With initiatives like this, Herencia positions itself as a pioneer municipality in digital skills training, providing its citizens with the necessary tools to successfully face the challenges of the contemporary job environment.

Spanish post in Herencia entrega diplomas a alumnos formados en competencias digitales para el trabajo

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