Support from the Board for the declaration of the Carnival of Herencia as an intangible Cultural Heritage.

In the colorful and vibrant town of Herencia (Ciudad Real), there is not only joy and tradition during its famous carnival, but also a firm commitment to cultural preservation and institutional recognition.

An Unbreakable Institutional Support
In a ceremony marked by emotion and recognition, Blanca Fernández, the delegate of the Junta de Comunidades in the province of Ciudad Real, announced during the inauguration of the Herencia Carnival a significant show of support from the regional government. On this special occasion, the intention is clear: to have this emblematic carnival declared a Cultural Heritage of Intangible Cultural Interest (BIC). An announcement that has undoubtedly brought a wave of optimism and pride among the people of Herencia.

More than a Festive Event: A Multidimensional Impact Celebration
The Herencia Carnival is not only synonymous with costumes, music, and color; behind its celebrations lies a deep cultural significance and an essential economic engine for the town. Already recognized as a National Tourist Interest Festival, this carnival has stood out for being an event that nourishes both the spirit and the local economy through tourism, commerce, and hospitality. In the words of Blanca Fernández, these celebrations “mean a lot in cultural terms, but also in economic terms.”

A Road to Recognition to Traverse
The proposal to elevate the Herencia Carnival to the category of intangible BIC is undoubtedly a recognition of its “quality and uniqueness,” as mentioned by delegate Fernández. However, the process will require meticulous compliance with official procedures and procedures. Although the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet visible, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha has reaffirmed its commitment to unconditional support for this cultural cause.

A Sporting Honor in the Heart of the Carnival
In a symbolic gesture of gratitude and recognition, Blanca Fernández also took this opportunity to award the Institutional Perlé to the Women’s Soccer Team. This act not only celebrates the sporting achievements of these world champions, but also honors their inspiring impact on society, especially in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights. This tribute resonated strongly in the community, once again exemplifying the important role of the Herencia Carnival as a catalyst for positive social values.

A Dreamy Cultural and Festive Program
With the stellar presence of Luján Argüelles as the pregonera, the Herencia Carnival promises a week full of activities ranging from parades and dances to the traditional burial of the sardine. The richness of its traditions, such as the Perlé, the giants and big heads, and the Ofertorio de las Ánimas, adorns the streets, inviting both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in a unique and unforgettable experience.

In Conclusion
The Herencia Carnival is at a crucial moment in its history, on the verge of obtaining a recognition that will perpetuate its cultural legacy. Beyond the masks and celebrations, this event symbolizes the unity, tradition, and hope of a community that sees its carnival as a reflection of its identity. With the firm support of the regional government and the tireless work of its people, the future looks promising for this treasure of Manchegan culture.

Spanish post in Apoyo de la Junta a la declaración de Bien de Interés Cultural inmaterial el Carnaval de Herencia

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