The stories with bread and chocolate return to the Heritage Library.


At an event that promises to delight both the intellect and the palate, the Municipal Library “Miguel de Cervantes” in Herencia opens its doors for a very special edition of “Cuentos con pan y chocolate” (Stories with bread and chocolate), this Friday, January 26, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This initiative, rooted in tradition and a love for shared stories, offers a unique opportunity for children and adults to immerse themselves in the art of storytelling, enjoying a snack that evokes childhood memories and warmth.


The activity, scheduled for the last Friday of each month, has become a must-attend event for families in Herencia, combining a passion for reading with the enjoyment of one of the most emblematic snacks in Spanish cuisine. The storytelling session is enriched with the comforting taste of bread and chocolate, creating a multisensory experience that encourages a love for books and oral tradition.


The Municipal Library, located at 3 Lope de Vega Street, will be transformed into a cozy corner of stories, where the narratives will come to life and transport attendees to worlds of fantasy, adventure, and learning. The stories selected for the occasion promise to capture the imagination of the listeners, while the aroma of freshly baked bread and chocolate will fill the atmosphere, making the snack a moment as eagerly awaited as the stories themselves.


This event is more than just a reading activity; it is a space for community gathering where culture and traditions intertwine, strengthening the bonds between generations and promoting cultural enrichment. The Municipal Library “Miguel de Cervantes” invites all the residents of Herencia to be part of this free event, which will surely be a highlight in the city’s cultural calendar.


In addition, the event has an inclusive approach, as it is open to people of all ages, encouraging families to participate together and young readers to develop their love for books. Storytime is not only educational, but also a family bonding experience, where parents and children can share a quality moment while enjoying a traditional snack.


For more information about “Cuentos con pan y chocolate” and other cultural activities, interested individuals can contact the Municipal Library “Miguel de Cervantes” in Herencia. This event is shaping up to be an initiative that honors the cultural richness of Herencia and promotes the library as a vital center for learning and community.

Spanish post in Vuelven los Cuentos con pan y chocolate de la Biblioteca de Herencia

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