Herencia celebrates International Cheese Day by paying tribute to its iconic cheese factories.

In Herencia, the passion for cheese goes beyond just tasting it to become a celebration of the culture and tradition that the town takes pride in. Today, on the International Cheese Day, Herencia stands out for its special way of honoring this star product with a video that highlights the work of its most representative cheese dairies: La Gaitana, Gómez Moreno, Cófer, Quesería 1605, and Quesería Félix Iniesta.

This video, shared by the town hall, not only demonstrates the quality and variety of cheeses from Herencia, but also shows how these companies have been able to combine cheese-making tradition with modern innovation, ensuring that each cheese is a piece of Herencia’s history that is constantly renewed.

Cheese is undoubtedly the gastronomic ambassador par excellence of Herencia, taking the name of the town beyond its borders. In this sense, the City Council remains committed to its active promotion, not only as a food product but also as an integral part of the region’s tourist offer.

International Cheese Day is an opportunity to highlight the skill of our cheese makers, who, with their effort and dedication, have placed Herencia’s cheese in a prominent place on the culinary map. It is a day to enjoy the intense flavor of our heritage, to celebrate, and above all, to proudly share the richness of our land.

From the Herencia Daily, we join in the congratulations and acknowledge the important work of our cheese dairies. We urge residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the sensory experience offered by Herencia cheese and to participate in the vital task of preserving and promoting our culinary identity.

Happy International Cheese Day! May every bite be a tribute to our land and its people.
An article published in the online newspaper: Herencia (Ciudad Real). Information diary in the heart of La Mancha.

Spanish post in Herencia celebra el Día Internacional del Queso rindiendo homenaje a sus queserías emblemáticas

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