Tips for saving on your electricity bill during spring and summer

With the arrival of spring and summer, many households are looking for ways to save on their electricity bill. One of the most effective options is to have a supplier that offers electricity at cost price. These companies are characterized by not applying additional profit margins to the price of energy, which results in significant savings for the consumer.

During the months of higher energy production, such as spring and summer, traditional suppliers usually keep their prices high, even though generation costs are lower. This is because they seek to maximize their profits by taking advantage of the higher energy demand during these periods. However, suppliers that offer electricity at cost price do not follow this practice, as their main goal is to pass on the real price of energy to the customer at all times.

These suppliers purchase energy directly in the wholesale market and sell it to their customers without applying additional margins. In this way, when energy prices are low due to increased renewable production during spring and summer, consumers directly benefit from these savings on their bill.

In addition to choosing a supplier that offers electricity at cost price, there are other measures that households can take to reduce their energy consumption and, therefore, their bill:

1. Take advantage of natural light: With longer and sunnier days, it is recommended to open curtains and blinds to light spaces naturally, avoiding the unnecessary use of artificial light.

2. Use efficient appliances: Opting for appliances with A+++ energy labels can result in significant long-term savings, as they consume less energy to perform the same task.

3. Program the air conditioning: Setting an appropriate temperature (around 25°C) and programming the air conditioning on and off can prevent excessive and unnecessary consumption.

4. Unplug devices in standby mode: Many electronic devices continue to consume energy even when turned off. Unplugging them completely when not in use can result in significant cumulative savings.

The daylight saving time change, which will take place on the night of Saturday, March 30 to Sunday, March 31, 2024, also plays a role in energy saving. By advancing the clocks one hour, natural light is better utilized and the need for artificial lighting during peak hours is reduced.

However, it is important to note that Spain is in a unique situation regarding its time zone. Despite being geographically located at the western end of Europe, the country has had the same time zone as central Europe since 1940. This has sparked a debate on whether Spain should adopt the time zone corresponding to its geographical location, which could have an impact on energy consumption and the quality of life of its citizens.

In conclusion, choosing a supplier that offers electricity at cost price is an excellent way to save on the electricity bill during spring and summer. Combined with responsible consumption habits and making use of natural light thanks to the time change, households can significantly reduce their energy expenditure during these months. However, the debate on Spain’s time zone raises the need to reassess the current system and consider whether a change could be beneficial for the country in terms of energy efficiency and the well-being of the population.

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